Prince Harry's jukebox

Britain's Prince Harry is obviously a big music fan. When he isn't flying military helicopters, riding motorcycles, or stumbling out of nightclubs wearing pink nail polish, the prince can often be found attending concerts and/or flirting with pretty female singers.

So let's take a look at some of the musicians Harry has favored with his royal attention recently. (I know he probably has an iPod, not a jukebox, but I'm feeling old school today, so please humor me.)

BASEMENT JAXX: Wikipedia informs me that this is a house music duo (electronic dance music). Supposedly Prince Harry dressed up in a gorilla suit to join them onstage in July. Sample Basement Jaxx video: U Don't Know Me (warning: it depicts the Queen engaging in some, um, rather scandalous behavior).

NATASHA BEDINGFIELD: It's being claimed that Prince Harry and the British pop singer have been secretly working on plans for a huge charity concert. Sample Natasha Bedingfield video: Pocketful of Sunshine (Simlish version — that's the language spoken by characters in "The Sims" video games).

THE KILLERS: Harry reportedly hung out backstage with the pop-rock group in June. Sample Killers video: Spaceman (very New Wave).

NATALIE IMBRUGLIA: There have been lots of rumors this year that Harry has been dating the Australian singer-actress. Sample Natalie Imbruglia video: Wild About It (this video is allegedly based on the "kind of house party that Harry" enjoys).

DIZZEE RASCAL: Harry's behavior during a backstage visit prompted this rapper to say, "If you weren't royalty I'd have punched you in the face by now." Sample Dizzee Rascal video: Bonkers (it makes me want to punch myself in the face).

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