4 Replies to “Elegant and daring”

  1. She is so gorgeous- I think she's one of the prettiest royals. Last time I saw her in a photo with Carla Bruni. I wonder if they're friends? Thanks:)

  2. That was an official meeting between Carla Bruni's husband (president of France) and the Spanish royals. (Some photos and videos here.) I don't know if they have a personal friendship, but I am happy that Carla Bruni has attracted attention to royalty recently, and to Princess Letizia in particular. She seems to have helped make Letizia a bigger star among non-royal watchers.

  3. Hey cinderella I got banned from the royal chat room and I dont know why? It wont let me log in my name briar69rose so I have not been able to get on the message board what should I do?

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