Spanish royals meet some very tall people

Princess Letizia of Spain often looks tiny in photos because she's standing next to her much-taller husband, Prince Felipe (whose height is estimated at 197 cm, or 6'5"). And she looked teenier than ever on September 21, when Spanish national basketball team players attended a reception at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, including Pau Gasol (who, according to Wikipedia, is 2.13 m or 7 ft tall), and Marc Gasol (who is 7'1").

I know someone will ask me Letizia's exact height, and I haven't been able to determine that. She is apparently of average height and usually wears high heels in photos.

(Sorry, the photo originally published with this post has expired!)

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  1. Hi:
    If you google "estatura de la Princesa Letizia" (height of Princess Letizia, in Spanish) you get a number of Spanish sites that discuss the problems posed by her height. One of them is the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo." All describe her height as 5'6" 0r 1.68m. The Spanish press is obsessed with her need for very high heels.

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