"Hamstrung by stodgy storytelling"

Variety's review of the new movie "Barbarian Princess," about 19th century Hawaiian royal Princess Ka'iulani. (And yes, the title of the movie, although intended to be ironic, has caused controversy.)

Kaiulani, Crown Princess of Hawaii by Nancy Webb and Jean Francis Webb is a biography of the real Princess Kaiulani. You'll find more books, DVDs, and links about Hawaii's monarchy and royal family on the Royalty.nu Hawaii page.

2 Replies to “"Hamstrung by stodgy storytelling"”

  1. Why don t you come to Stockholm and see the Swedish Royal Wedding ?
    Stay by me. Nice apartment in the best part of Stockholm


  2. I will have guests visiting me at that time, so I can't go to Sweden, but it would be wonderful to see the wedding. I hope you'll get to see a lot of the celebrations.

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