Sneak peek: December 2009 royalty books

Some of the new books publishers have in store for royal history buffs next month:

The Last Knight Errant: Sir Edward Woodville and the Age of Chivalry by Christopher Wilkins. Biography. Sir Edward, brother of Edward IV's wife, played an important role in the 15th century, but his reputation suffered at the hands of Richard III.

The Meiji Restoration: Monarchism, Mass Communication and Conservative Revolution by Alistair Swale. How real imperial rule was restored in Japan in 1867 under Emperor Meiji.

The Last Pharaohs by J. G. Manning. Egypt under the Ptolemies, 305-30 BC.

Her Mother's Daughter by Julianne Lee. Novel about Queen Mary I, a "misunderstood woman who became one of England's most vilified queens."

This Time by Joan Szechtman. Time-travel story in which England's King Richard III attempts to undo the damage done to his reputation through 500 years of history.

See the Books page on December 1 for the full list of new royalty books.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, it would have to be "This Time." A time-traveling medieval king? I can't resist that. Which book would you choose?

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