Royalty miniatures

I received an email from Victor at Golden Chersonese Miniatures, a toy company that specializes in "metal miniatures to portray exotic, lost kingdoms and unusual cultures from the Far East." In his email, he mentioned that he's interested in making miniatures of court royalty and dress.

If you're into minatures or just want to learn more, you may want to check out the GMCTOY website. (I don't know anything else about this company, or miniatures for that matter, so be sure to do your own research before buying anything.)

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  1. Dear all;

    They are serious.I know them.They just want to show interesting part of the f.i. traditional royal culture of In donesia.This is very unique.
    He asked me some help to contact Indonesian dynasties for his project.
    I saw the minitiatures.Very fascinating.Yes.look at this site yourself.
    I am a researcher concerning the dynasties of Indonesia.

    Yours sincerelly:
    D.P. Tick gRMk/Pusaka

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