Royal Book Cover of the Month – January 2010

Most of this month's new books about royalty have run-of-the-mill covers, but there are a few standouts. The cover of Notorious Royal Marriages by Leslie Carroll is colorful and lively. And — although I am tired of book covers featuring headless women — the cover of Kate Emerson's novel Between Two Queens is eye-catchingly pretty.

So I'm probably wrong to pick THIS as the best royalty book cover of January 2010, but I can't help it. It's just so wonderfully silly:


In case you haven't guessed, Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter by A. E. Moorat is a work of fiction. An excerpt from the publisher's description:

London, 1838. Queen Victoria is crowned; she receives the orb, the scepter, and an arsenal of bloodstained weaponry… But rather than dreams of demon hunting, Queen Victoria's thoughts are occupied by Prince Albert. Can she dedicate her life to saving her country when her heart belongs elsewhere? With lashings of glistening entrails, decapitations, zombies, and foul demons, this masterly new portrait will give a fresh understanding of a remarkable woman, a legendary monarch, and quite possibly the best demon hunter the world has ever seen.

Oh, Queen Victoria. To think I ever found you boring.

What do you think of this book's cover — and its concept?

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