5 Replies to “The "other Dumas," Auguste Maquet”

  1. I do not beleive the trash that is being written about a ghost writer. Alexandre Dumas was a brilliant writer now some nut wants to be in the spotlight so he is making up a big lie to bring attention to himself. Did Shakespere had a ghost writer.?.

  2. The person who is creating lies about the Ghost Writer behind Alexandre Dumas should have his head put in an Iron Mask then lock and please throw the key away.

  3. There is not only the historical supposition and proof that Dumas didn't write his fiction all by himself, but also the textual evidence withing each work. Many of Dumas' books, upon closer inspection reveal some varying characteristics in the writing style, and quite likely because he had not only Maquet, but a whole host of other ghost writers. There was talk about it during Dumas' lifetime as well. I don't feel that the recent inclusions/insertions within pop culture of what has been an understood fact negates Dumas as a writer at all; it simply demonstrates what a sharp businessman he was. And yes, there is also much scholarly inquiry regarding Shakespeare's plays being written by someone else, Bacon, Marlowe, etc., but that doesn't negate the Bard's place in the literary canon.

  4. Fool, you make good points. Haven't great artists also used assistants to do some of the work for them? Being successful in a creative field is a business like any other.

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