Fergie & daughters make bold fashion choices

Sarah, Duchess of York and her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, were recently photographed outside Annabel's club in London. (Sorry, the photos originally published with this post have expired, but I'm leaving the post up because it has comments.)

3 Replies to “Fergie & daughters make bold fashion choices”

  1. Oh how awful! Beatrice's dress isn't bad – not great, but not bad. But Eugenie? that dress is too short and Sarah's dress with the boots is wrong. Her dress looks like it could be pretty but it's hard to tell with the coat and boots.

  2. I'll admit I like Beatrice's dress. Even Eugenie's if it were longer. But Fergie's boots are terrible with that dress. At least she's never boring — and her daughters take after her in that!

  3. Personally, they look terrible. Fergie is in a baggy, wrinkled dress with arm pit showing. The boots don't go with the dress. Beatrice's dress is not too BAD. Eugie simply has poor taste in wearing a dress so SHORT. Both girls should shed a few pounds and then get someone to advise them on dressing like young ladies.

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