2 Replies to “Italian royals meet debutantes”

  1. just cause someone is grandson of former king doesnt mean he deserves the respect. Has he even worked a 40 hour hard labor week i doubt it

  2. What a silly comment, Ebner. He deserves as much respect, as a person, as anyone else. It's not about the person whom you should show the proper respect to, it's the position. If he has used his position to do good for the community and has been a conscientious member of the country he lives in, then he does deserve the respect he's entitled to…both as an individual and as a prince. If you want to get into a match of how many hours a week you work as to the worth of a person, I could say if you've only ever done 40-50 hours a week, then you're worth less than others who work up to 100 hours a week. It's a ridiculous statement to even make in the first place. He's probably done more for his community and charity in 5 years than you or I have done in our lifetimes. A person's worth is not measured in the amount of work they do, it's measured in who they are as a person.

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