Princess Letizia of Spain in Berlin

Spain's Princess Letizia attended the Eva Luise and Horst Koehler Foundation for Rare Diseases award ceremony on March 1 in Berlin, Germany. (Sorry, the photos originally published with this post have expired.)

3 Replies to “Princess Letizia of Spain in Berlin”

  1. Letizia was born a commoner and remains one! She had more than a nose job and now fits at a was museum. In last Hola, make her look like the beautiful, human, loving and intelligent Queen Rania of Jordania is so wrong. Queen Rania is naturally beautiful. Nobody is close to looking like her. Any one, like Princess Letizia, trying to imitate another lady is bad in her skin. The 2 sisters of her husband, Prince Felipe, remained natural and do not approve of Letizia's games. Besides looking like a wax figure, her sudden way to look at her husband to prove how much she loves him is also ridiculous. Physically, she might want to look like Queen Rania. As a couple, obvious that she imitates Frederik and Mary of Denmark, the naturally most united couple of all royals! Just need to express my dislike of Letizia's plastic ways.

  2. Magda Delbaere: Your comment is just ridiculous, Letizia is not trying to imitate Mary of Denmark, Rania of Jordan, Michelle Obama nor Carla Bruni. They are all great women, intelligent and with their own styles. Please stop it with the cat fights!

    Raina had totally change her face (inform you before speaking)

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