Royal Book Cover of the Month – March 2010

This month brought a big crop of new royalty book covers featuring "headless" women. To be specific, by my count: two covers with headless women, two covers with eyeless women, and three covers featuring the backs of women's heads. (Who on earth finds Queen Elizabeth l's back more interesting than her face?)

So I think this cover is refreshing:

Anastasia's Secret by Susanne Dunlap is a young adult novel about Grand Duchess Anastasia, one of the daughters of Russia's last tsar.

As you can see, this cover allows Anastasia to show her face. Of course, that's not the real Anastasia, but it's nice that someone took the trouble to make the model look like her. The white dress, pearls, and long hair are all reminiscent of photos of Anastasia and her sisters.

For instance, here's Anastasia (on the left) and her sister Maria:

Maria és Anasztaszija

You can see more pictures of the grand duchesses at Wikimedia Commons. Because they died so young, many of the photos have a haunting quality, and I think the cover of "Anastasia's Secret" captures a little of that feeling. Well done.

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