Undercover Princesses

JANUARY 2012 UPDATE: "Undercover Princesses" will premiere on the U.S. TV channel TLC on February 28, 2012. (Beware: Some of the comments posted below may contain spoilers!)

On the new BBC reality show Undercover Princesses, three princesses visit the UK and "go undercover as ordinary people with the hope that they meet a man who will love them for who they are."

(Note to BBC editors: Maybe you should say, "Each hopes to meet a man who will love her for who she is." Or are you planning a sequel called "One Husband, Three Princesses"?)

Here's an excerpt from the show. One of the princesses is nicknamed Cinderella — naturally, I approve of that.

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29 Replies to “Undercover Princesses”

  1. Real real BUGANDA princesses do not advertize themselves.

    How fake and cheap can a real Buganda princess become and stoop so low to advertize her self for men
    How cheap?

  2. I agree they should not have to come to england to find a man. Surely the family, could arrange a wedding for the princess in India. They should all find royal blood not common stock especially, from ESSEX!

  3. I certainly wouldnt look for men in essex and im not a princess. They should look to their own country. Im sure they could meet decent men in their own country.

  4. Good for them they are having a laugh its all light hearted. It probably is like a holiday for them, plus they have all made friends. Why wouldnt a real princess from BUGANDA, GERMANY OR INDIA advertise themselves. Maybe they just cannot meet men in their own countries that cannot see past them being rich princesses. I HOPE they find LOVE!

  5. Im from Germany, and for a fact know Xenia(she's a party girl), who I've met at certain (Ammer) Parties…She does so many embarassing Tv-shows to get exposure and pushes her title out there, she's not at all full blue blood, we have actual Prince's (or the closest they could get, but they're in the 40-50's). She has always wanted to become a famous singer and even was on the German Popstars at the start, but she didnt get really far at all. My eyes totally popped out when I saw her on the show, I didnt ever expect her to see her there, ever since she moved to Mallorca. This girl is so "fame hungry" if you can call it that, she'd do anything to get on Tv, why did they have to mention Sachsen (Saxona) is in Germany, I totally cringed and hey, most Germans are not that bad at all in English since we have all had classes since 5th (guess someone wasn't learning that much)…what must people be thinking. Oh well…good luck to her. Anf by the way, she should stop curtsying or however you spell that, she's such a bad actress, ahh, I could go on and on…

  6. "Cinderella" is a tw*t. She acted like a spoilt brat on that bowling date and looked at that guy as if he was a bit of poo on her shoe. What makes her think that she's better than anyone else? She isn't exactly a beauty and for a "princess," her charm and class leave much to be desired.

  7. Yes that guy Dave, who took Cinderellah bowling was being a gentleman and she just looked at him as if he was **** and to throw the flower on the table she was so disrespectfu! She isnt all that herself and, has the charm worse than a commoner. Princess Aliya is the only one who seems genuinely natural in being afraid to date as, she said it is not done in her country/and as she has been protected all her life. I think princesses Xenia and Shaillah(cinderellah)are great actresses!

  8. I like princess Aliya she seems really natural and no way pretentious. I genuinely think she has been well protected and never been on a date in her life. That guy simon that she met he was awful and tight fisted he didnt even want to get her a drink! Princess Shayllah has been on many dates you could tell how she made a bee line for her date Paul. Princess Xenia i too believe has dated many men in the past. None of them will find love in England, but they have had good publicity here.

  9. I do not like the men Gabby has met the only nice one is Elliott…Cinderellah has met a nice guy in Paul. I just hope Aliya meets a nice guy too. I think this is poking fun and it does make the British guys look Stupid, loud and foolish; while these princesses, get good press about being in our country.

  10. I live in Billericay and of allllllllllllll the men to choose, why on earth did they choose Simon to date Princess Aliya??? I know him and he has the conversation of a brick wall! As for being a Chef??!! OMG, he works in a pub and can work a grill and a microwave! What you saw on that 24 minute date was probably the longest time he's had girl sit with just him! lol We have a lot of nice guys here but you chose a dud!

  11. That guy Simon who dated princess Aliya was a moron he had the manners of a pig and she would have had a better conversation with the wall!! Then Princess Aliya met Tim who didnt return her call and let her down. Im glad Princess Shaillah has found the man of her dreams i do hope her family accepts him. I think Princess Xenia was really keen on Elliott but hey he hasnt got a way with women, hes boring! I think Princess Shaillah is the only one that has pulled a decent guy.

  12. I liked Princess Aliya the best she was the most natural, she was genuinely shy of men, and genuinely afraid of meeting a man. This is mainly to do with how she has been raised in India as well as being protected as AMBER has mentioned. I think the other two Princesses have been on dates before especially Xenia as she dated at least 4 guys with ease. Princess Shaillah is the only one to have met her MR RIGHT…good luck to them all x

  13. Loving this programme i think they are all nice in their own way. Princess Shayllah cracks me up describing her man to the women at the cafe' as tall, chocolate! lol. I do hope her family accepts Paul as i do think they are in love. Elliott is boring i dont think hes said anything more than yeah lol. Glad Princess Aliya made good female friends

  14. cinderella/shailla she is sooo funny can she really be so simple! I dont think her family will accept paul as the laws in Buganda are really strict with royalty? But I hope xenia, shaila and aliyer have luck in the future

  15. I live in chelmsford and all us lads down here are ok!! these princesses scraped the bottom of the barrel as the guys they met were minging /no personality…as for that simon hes really ugly/broke and no confidence/dork. paul was the best he was from the carribean so he dont count girls!! lol

  16. hi Leaane
    A princess in Buganda marries a mukopi (common) it is difficult for the man as he has to show that he is worthy to marry a princessbut he does not have to be a Prince . The Mukopi man must address the Princess as sir, Most Princess find it hard to find love because of this . it was painfully annoying to see Sheilla pretend and lie to Paul on TV about some bits of our culture . And please ugandans are not as late as Sheilla.

  17. Loved this show – but cant seem to figure out if Sheilla really is a princess? I really liked the girl but she behaved nothing like i'd expect of a princess. Sleeping in the same room so openly, with a man she hardly knows? Late for the Prime Minister??! It seemed rather suspicious.

    Arlia was a sweetheart, what a shame the woman she took back was a total culture retard. What an amazing opportunity she was given, to see a whole other way of life, and she just seemed so unfazed, so uninterested.

    Gabi seems a lot of fun – very confident in herself and seems to realised how pretty/popular she is, but i cant blame her for ending up like that.

    Couldn't believe the location – i recognised everywhere, Basildon Asda, Chelmsford, Ingatestone, Brentwood, even Billers, my home town!! Hilarious, please make another series and let me be in it (pleeeeease Fraser!!) 🙂

  18. A really good programme. Entertaining, funny, romantic, dreamy. Most girls out there can identified with most of the aspects of finding Mr Right.

    It would be great if the BBC could just do a programme on Paul and his Princess. I really hope that thier relationship is genuine. You can fall in love with someone at first sight. They are a really beautiful couple and everyone watching can see the attraction. Both are well kept and well cared for. Both are from good stock and good lineage. The capivating photograph at the end. If I were a man, I would want to marry the princess. I hope that we will get the chance to see the royal wedding

  19. hi Leaane
    Sheilla behaved very unlike a muganda Princess . They are always bossy and would have decided that is not place for them to sleep . However Shellia made all who watched get to know of the the wonderfull kingdom of Buganda . I wish they had done more Profile on the kingdoms though . Long live the Kabaka of Buganda !

  20. Please take it easy on sheila, she made the show and her country more popular, without her the show would have been boring!!!! the other girl from saxon is interesting but the guy is boring, yeah yeah yeah spends more time gelling his hair than talking!! Sheila rocks very confident and outgoing speaks her mind, now i now where buganda is! She is not politically correct either which is great princess or not its a TV show!

  21. i do agree that on the bowling date, sheillah was completely out of order in the way she reacted towards dave. But, i watched the 'aftermath' show last night and found out that the reason she reated like this was because dave had used a false picture when he'd advertised himself. in an interview with sheillah, she said "i couldn't believe it. if i ever get hold of that person who gave me the picture of dave i will throttle their neck! it was a lie, dave was not the man in the picture". All the same, she was unnecessarily rude when she called the game 'boring' etc. Other than this, i absolutley love love love the show and can't wait for the next series!

  22. The wohle show is fake!
    Xenia is not a real princess, too.

    Just a short info about Xenia "Princess of Saxony": she is the illegitimate daughter of Iris Princess of Saxony (thus German family law accords her her mother's last name which is "Prinzessin von Sachsen Herzogin zu Sachsen") and an unknown father. Iris herself is the legitimate but morganatic daughter of Prince Georg Timo von Sachsen and Margit Lukas, who was the daughter of a butcher. Iris grew up at her mother's parent's house without knowing of her Royal background till she was 18. She has been married for four times, in between she had two daughters from unknown fathers.

    The Family of Saxony does not recognize Iris and her children, especially as Xenia (the above quoted "princess") tries to build a career in TV by taking part as a "Princess" in shows like "The Castle" which was the medieval version of the jungle- thing "I'm a star" or in boulevard-TV-programmes where she sells her Royal background.
    Xenia is just an Z-List Celebrity who tryes to get a career in the music industry.

    Xenia grow up poor and she went to a normal public school, her mother is an hairdresser who worked in a chips stand for a long time.

  23. i feel in love with paul, paul you are mine am not a princess……..but am in love! paul oooh paul!!!!

  24. Still waiting for another series of this, would love to see how Xenia is getting on, more Royal relationships being created like this makes great watching

  25. OMG! Who believes in this royalty lark! The British ofcourse as they still have royalty of German Descent. We are all born equal and noone is better than others!
    The royals are a bunch of privileged so snd so who get the best of everything at their people's expense. Grow up world!

  26. Does anyone know of Cinderellas update with Paul??

    I am in Australia and have just recently finished watching this show….


  27. in luuvvvvvv the show i thought Gabby/ Princcess Xenia was really cute and pretty and i also think that its a good idea it would be had to find soomeone if you were famous who liked you for you !!!

    Can anyone plz tell me how is cinderalla not a princess???????????? im confused
    i wish princess Xenia would have found someone a bit more bubbly i got the last eposide to watch can't wait lolz!!!!!

  28. they all are just bloody fake except the princess from india, i feel so sad for bbc with dis crap…….. not one of them was in a real palace except the indian…………*not interested*

  29. I actually found the show rather enjoyable. I felt that Shelia was rather crude and that her behaviour at times was very un-ladylike (screaming at the soccor match), being rude to her bowling date Dave, sleeping in the same room with Paul, being so late all the time. I have heard (from a friend) that Ugandans can be a bit forward to the point where they believe it's better to be full on honest than sly but her behaviour was out of line. I think that telling the Prime Minister that Paul was a prince was stupid though. He may be a commoner but it is better to be honest as it will come out anyway (don't the Ugandans have internet).

    Xenia I believe she was on the show for fun. She didn't really expect to find "true love" (she's only 22-23) but went for a good time. She strikes me as someone who is more of a party princess (she could hang out with Paris Hilton and Pippa Middleton with ease).

    Aaliya I felt a bit sorry for. I felt that the show exploited her a bit (taking advantage of her desire to find a husband as she seemed very out of her depth). There was no way someone that shy would have found love in 3 weeks as she did need time to get used to the culture and the lifestyle. Also, her dates were duds. I'm not surprised Aaliya made her excuses to get out of her date with Simon and Tim the other guy she went on a date with fobbed her off. I'm glad she made some friends and more importantly found her confidence. She's emotionally stronger for her experience (which she will take back home) and it was very nice that her parents let her stay single until she was 35 (that is old considering some get married at 14) and that they arranged a marriage for her though I would have liked to see her groom to be and a bit more about her wedding. I would have also liked to see more of the Essex girls that Aaliya made friends with before she decided to pop the question to ask one of them to come back to India with her.

    I'm surprised they went shopping in Essex for guys though. These girls would be more comfortable with someone a bit more aristocratic and a lot more class.

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