7 Replies to “Birthday banquet at Danish palace”

  1. Princess Marie looks absolutely stunning. She continues to shine and looks far more natural than Princess Mary who looks like a maufactured doll. I love the white dress, it is stunning and refreshing.

  2. Princess Mary looks stunning as usual.So regal and stylish. Marie looks a bit frumpy. The Queen loves red eh, and her sister looks beautiful in blue.

  3. Princess Marie is beautiful, so elegant and a breath of fresh air. The blue is also beautiful on the Queen's sister sister. I think Mary should have chosen another colour as not to compete with the Queen. She could have been a bit more tactful and gracious and let the Queen stand out. After all, as far as I know is it not the QUEEN'S birthday?

  4. I think how distasteful it is to compare women. And the one's who continually do it are always women. How we love to put other women down. I think some of us need to take a look at these princesses BEFORE they had all of denmark paying for their clothes, makeup, stylists, hairdressers, jewellery, face treatments etc, etc. We need a reality check. I walk by beautiful, stylish women on the street everyday who do not have someone picking out their clothes for them, plastering their faces with makeup etc. Marie, Mary are two attractive women who I am sure have alot of pressure in always being "camera ready". I do not envy either one and would never want to be in their shoes. I am an educated, beautiful woman who is happy for other women to succeed and do well without having to look like mannequins.

  5. Queen Margrethe is wearing pink, not red. And Mary (together with Marie) IS being tactful and gracious: they are wearing the colours of the Danish flag. On Thursday, at the gala show at the Royal Theatre, they switched colours so that Mary was wearing white, and Marie red.

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