Prince William at A Positive View event

Below: Prince William gestures as he speaks at a Crisis event at Christie's auction house in London on April 15. The prince is a patron of Crisis, a charity that helps single homeless people. The event was held to auction off a selection of photographs, including photos that Prince William and a formerly homeless man, Jeff Hubbard, took of each other under the guidance of a famous photographer, Rankin. (Sorry, the photo originally published with this post has expired.)

3 Replies to “Prince William at A Positive View event”

  1. Prince William is my favor Prince and I can see he will become one of the best Kings in centuries. He is down to earth young man and needs every support from everyone of us.
    I am very proud because I do contact the entire family during the year and they respond back to me.I do feel sorry that princes Diana is not with us any more, and I know that William misses her very much.I DO KNOW THAT!

  2. after being involved with the show was an honor for me and for william the future king met with one of the kings of the streets and was pleased to present william a gift of one of my photographs it was a fantastic event and well worth all the effort that went into the show and cant sing the praises of the crisis team more highly the only pity was that banksy couldnt have been there with me cheers paul

  3. George Katsibris: Well written, I do hope that I live to see Prince William sit on the Throne of England. It would be refreshing. Since the royal family has lost the adoration of most people of the world. I daresay!!.

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