Royal Week in Review – April 24, 2010

Traditional Leader Crowned
Coronation of Uganda's King Oyo (sorry, this link has expired)

Trouble in Belgium
Belgian king seeks to defuse political crisis (sorry, this link has expired)

A Birthday Present for Elizabeth II
New Zealand rejects bid to ditch the Queen

Swedish Royal Gossip
Princess hit by relationship rumours

UPDATE: Princess Madeleine breaks off engagement (link expired)

Simply Irresistible
Did Princess Diana have affair with singer Robert Palmer?

And that's just the start. For the rest of this week's royal news, visit the News page!

2 Replies to “Royal Week in Review – April 24, 2010”

  1. Maybe it is because I don't live in Sweden, but I was rather surprised about Madeleine and Jonas. They seemed very happy and comfortable with one another, and Jonas looked very comfortable with the press. It looks like such a good match, so I hope they make it!!


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