Royal Book Cover of the Month – May 2010

This month's new royalty book covers are overall very nice. Many of them are based on historic portraits or other works of art.

My runner-up choice for the month's best cover is Writing to the King by David Matthews because it's more colorful than some of the others, and it perfectly suits the book's topic (medieval political poetry). However, my favorite cover of the month is this one:

Frederick II: The Wonder of the World by Richard Bressler is a biography of Holy Roman Emperor Frederik II (1194-1250). Condemned by the Pope as the Antichrist, he led the Sixth Crusade while under excommunication. He protected Jews and Muslims in his realms, married three times, and wrote a classic work on falconry which is still in print.

Obviously Frederick did not lead a boring life, and the book's attractive cover appeals to me. I'd like to read this biography. Would you?

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