Tangled up in blah

The new trailer for "Tangled," Disney's animated movie based on the Rapunzel story, doesn't seem to be impressing many people:

Disney releases TANGLED trailer, depressing us all
Tangled will not be the savior of animation
Teaser trailer for Tangled lets its hair down

Are you looking forward to this movie? My view: I don't enjoy CGI animation (all the movies look the same to me), and I'm really tired of smart-alecky humor in children's movies. I don't think it's good for kids to never see a straight version of anything. AND I think Disney desperately needs to get away from its cliched formulas (the princess has a lizard friend? Oh, very original).

All that said, I have to admit it: This trailer made me smile. Maybe the movie won't be so bad.

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