What "brutalist" means

Collapse of luxury building project criticized as "brutalist" by Prince Charles could lead to huge damages payout

A comment about this headline: "Brutalist" may sound critical, but is actually the name of a style of architecture. No doubt Prince Charles does not like brutalist architecture, but he is not insulting it by calling it by its correct name. You can hear a discussion of brutalism in this episode of author James Howard Kunstler's very interesting weekly audio program, the KunstlerCast. (Warning: This podcast includes bad language.)

More info:

The Prince of Wales is known for his support of principles of New Urbanism (traditional neighborhood design). He is the founder of The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment, and shared some of his views in his 1989 book A Vision of Britain.

James Howard Kunstler's books about car dependence and modern urban planning include The Geography of Nowhere and The Long Emergency. Recommended!

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