Monaco royals attend charity ball

Monaco's ruler, Prince Albert II; his fiancee, Charlene Wittstock (right); and his sister Princess Stephanie (left) attended the 62nd Monaco Red Cross Ball on July 30 in Monte Carlo.

UPDATE: The photo originally published here is no longer available since the Fotoglif service is no longer available, but it was probably this one or something similar.

8 Replies to “Monaco royals attend charity ball”

  1. You will never be able to describe what Princess Stephanie is wearing. But, she obviously got her boobs done.

  2. Stefanie is a trainwreck. The boobs…in one photo there is little left for the imagination. Charlene Whitstock only looks that much classier in comparison. Very elegant!

  3. Charleen looks elegant and ladylike. But she should not try too hard to be the next "Princess Grace" – she should be her own woman.

  4. We are living in a new era therefore Charlene will not try to be Princess Grace. Princess Grace was a movie star and had to be groomed to be a royal and being an actress she succeeded. Charlene is ladylike and with the help of good advisers will bring her own brand of order to the Kingdom.
    Please do not dwell on what Princess did, it is the Establishment that run a country.
    Heads of demacratic countries whether King, Queen or Presidents act accordingly with the controllers.

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