Monaco royals rock out

Prince Albert II of Monaco; his fiancee, Charlene Wittstock; and his sister Princess Caroline danced during an open-air rock concert in front of the Prince's Palace in Monaco on July 5. ZZ Top and Iggy Pop performed at the concert. (Sorry, the photos that originally accompanied this post have expired.)

3 Replies to “Monaco royals rock out”

  1. I know that royals want time to relax from their duties but being HEAD of STATE and parting like you are 21 of age shows some that this is why Prince Albert II of Monaco is marrying a girl that is 20yrs his jr. Which is why it shows he hasn't grown-up and he need that in-muturity in his life

  2. Prince Albert as a middle age Monarch; it is alright for him to have a mixture of young and old and to rock the night away with his future wife. He does not rock and dance every night and day.

  3. It looks ridiculous to see Prince Albert and Princess Caroline dancing like fools. I feel sorry for Charlene Wittstock. Plus there are three in the relationship as Albert and Caroline are so close. No I don't envy her. The Grimaldis are a hedonistic lot.

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