Royal Book Cover of the Month – July 2010

I must say, the quality of royalty-related book covers has improved a lot recently. Among my favorites for July: The Plantagenets: History of a Dynasty by J. S. Hamilton, Kings of the North by Cecelia Holland, and Palaces of the World 2011 (admittedly, that last one is a calendar, not a book).

But here's my favorite royal book cover of the month:

The Sixth Surrender by Hana Samek Norton is a novel about Eleanor of Aquitaine's deadly dynastic chess game to safeguard the crowns of Normandy and England for her son John.

This is one of the best historical fiction covers I've seen in a long time. So many historical novels aimed at women these days show headless/faceless women in costumes that appear historically inaccurate. The woman on this cover actually has a face (gasp). I'm not an expert on 13th century costumes, but her clothing at least looks accurate. This is an attractive cover that suggests a suspenseful plot about a capable woman.

So far the book isn't receiving great reviews at Amazon, but the cover still makes me want to read it. What do you think of this book and/or its cover? Is there another new royal book cover that you prefer?

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