Sneak peek: August 2010 royalty books

It's time for a sneak peek at some of the titles due to be released in August! As always, publication dates are subject to change. I'll post the full list of new royalty books on the Royal Books page on August 1.

The Queen's Year: A Souvenir Album by David Oakey. A season-by-season guide to Queen Elizabeth II's annual schedule, with photos.

A Royal Passion by Katie Whitaker. The turbulent marriage of King Charles I of England and Henrietta Maria of France.

The Death of Elizabeth I: Remembering and Reconstructing the Virgin Queen by Catherine Loomis. Looks at Elizabeth's final illness and death, and how her subjects responded to their loss.

The Royal Portrait: Image and Impact by Jennifer Scott. Examines portraits from Britain's Royal Collection.

The Life and Afterlife of Isabeau of Bavaria by Tracy Adams. During her lifetime, Isabeau, wife of mad King Charles VI of France, was revered. After her death she was reviled as incompetent and depraved.

The Secret Eleanor by Cecelia Holland. A novel about seductive, manipulative Eleanor of Aquitaine, who married kings of both France and England.

His Last Letter: Elizabeth I and the Earl of Leicester by Jeane Westin. Novel about Elizabeth I's romance with Robert Dudley.

If I could only choose one of these books to read, it would be "A Royal Passion." Which book would you choose?

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