Royal Book Cover of the Month – August 2010

Is the fad for book covers featuring headless/faceless women finally petering out? By my count, this month there are at least five new royalty books that depict female faces! I especially like the cover of The Red Queen: A Novel by Philippa Gregory.

But this is my favorite royalty book cover for August:

The Courtiers: Splendor and Intrigue in the Georgian Court at Kensington Palace by Lucy Worsley is an entertaining look at 18th century British royals and the colorful characters who attended them at court.

The publisher sent me a review copy of this book (so far I've only read the first two chapters, but I am enjoying it a lot). It's a beautiful book, with good-quality paper, attractive and readable type, illustrations throughout — and, of course, that appealing front cover, with an image taken from "The Dinner Party," a painting by Marcellus Laroon the Younger. The back cover has a picture of Kensington Palace. Overall this is a really well-designed book that's a pleasure to hold and read.

What do you think of this book cover? And are you as glad as I am to see women's faces reappearing on historical book covers after years of headless women?

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