Sneak peek: September 2010 royalty books

Once again it's time for a sneak peek at the new royalty books scheduled to be published next month. As always, publication dates are subject to change.

The Royals by the editors of People Magazine. Looks at the "lives, loves, and secrets" of the world's royals. Revised and updated for 2010.

Mary Tudor: Princess, Bastard, Queen by Anna Whitelock. Biography that presents England's Queen Mary I as a complex figure of immense courage and humanity.

Elizabeth's Women by Tracy Borman. About female friends, rivals, and foes who shaped the life of England's Queen Elizabeth I.

Queen Anne's American Kings by Richmond Pugh Bond. In 1710, four Iroquois visited Britain. They were treated as heads of state and met with Queen Anne.

Rival to the Queen by Carrolly Erickson. Novel about the bitter romantic rivalry between Queen Elizabeth I and her cousin Lettice Knollys.

For the King's Favor by Elizabeth Chadwick. Novel about a mistress of England's King Henry II.

The Countess and the King by Susan Holloway Scott. Novel about Katherine Sedley, mistress of Britain's King James I.

I'll publish the full list of new books on the Royal Books page on September 1.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I would probably pick "For the King's Favor" because I like historical fiction and I've yet to read anything by the popular Elizabeth Chadwick. Which book would you choose?

3 Replies to “Sneak peek: September 2010 royalty books”

  1. I've read the Borman and Whitelock books in their UK editions (enjoyed them both) and have a not-yet-read review copy of the Scott book, so I'd go for the Erickson novel.

  2. I read Borman's work on Elizabeth's Women. It was a good bio of Elizabeth, but I was really disappointed in the non-information in reference to her women. Kat Ast/Ashley's death was dealt with in only two paragraphs! Read it for a different slant on Elizabeth and how/why her outlook was shaped, but don't expect a heavy emphasis on her female servants/courtiers.

    "Rival to the Queen" is what I'd like to read. My first introduction to Lettice Knolly's was through Victoria Holt's novel "My Enemy, The Queen" (an oldie but a goodie!). Hope Erickson's work is just as good.

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