The (other) inevitable comparison

It was only a matter of time. U.S. first lady Michelle Obama is (1) a woman and (2) famous, so naturally she was first compared to Princess Diana, and is now being compared to — you guessed it — Marie Antoinette.

Let them eat tapas? Mrs Obama faces holiday fury (link expired)

The right's comparison of Michelle Obama and Marie Antoinette is more astute than they realize

2 Replies to “The (other) inevitable comparison”

  1. What is the big deal of Mrs Obama taking a vacation in Spain? If she was a white woman would it have caused so much fault finding?. It is good publicity for the tourist business.

  2. Normally I have no opinion when the First Lady goes on vacation; she does deserve some down time with her children and a chance to relax from what must be a stressful job. In fact, I am not howling for her blood like a revolutionary mob, but I do find myself sighing at the hypocrisy of the President who tells the little people of America to tighten their belts, cut budgets and get used to frugality, while his wife jets to Spain. To be fair though, history has shown that nearly all ruling elites (not just the Obamas) frequently have two sets of standards: one for the few elites and one for the vast majority of their people.

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