Eyebrow-raising indeed

We are asked to believe that courtiers may disapprove of Kate Middleton's parents' rumored plans to expand their business. Tsk, how improper to continue to earn their living even though their daughter is dating a prince.

The Middletons run a party supply site called Party Pieces. (Oh, my goodness, did I just link to that? Surely courtiers are raising their eyebrows at me now.)

2 Replies to “Eyebrow-raising indeed”

  1. Kate's family is taking advantage…as I look at similar companies whi sell same type of products and services, its quite apparent that their expanding due to the contast inquries concerning their middle class status versus high royal society. You know more power to them, but they would not have had this new level of success if it was not for their daughter dating Prince William. Now their comapny have a global identity because of everyone's prying into how thw Middleton's are able to afford. So, I feel that eyebrows should be raised. The Middelton's are opportunist who should consider to giving something back to those who have helped them along the way. Since their exspourse, I have never heard their expression of appreciation, but wants everyone's sympathy. Party Pieces is just an adverage company; a small "mom" and "Pop" firm. I rather shop at Party City ( its a billion dollar business without royal hype).

  2. I think people are overestimating how much extra business the Middletons can get from Kate's fame. The site isn't called Middleton Party Pieces, so only dedicated royal watchers will know the connection at all.

    Even if Buckingham Palace linked to Party Pieces it wouldn't necessarily increasing their sales all that much. As a site owner I can tell you, good publicity doesn't always translate to good traffic, and good traffic doesn't necessarily lead to good sales. If Party Pieces is doing well, it means the Middletons are running a good business and deserve their success.

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