4 Replies to “Farewell to princess movies”

  1. It's disappointing that one of the key reasons for killing the princess genre is because today's little girls:

    "By the time they're 5 or 6, they're not interested in being princesses," said Dafna Lemish, chairwoman of the radio and TV department at Southern Illinois University and an expert in the role of media in children's lives. "They're interested in being hot, in being cool. Clearly, they see this is what society values."

  2. That is pretty sad, but I also think Disney makes a mistake if it aims princess movies only at little girls. Adults enjoy romantic stories/fairy tales, too. And little girls usually want to emulate the grown-up women in their lives.

    I think Disney animated movies became terribly formulaic, and there's maybe no need to make another cutesy-singing-princess-with-animal-sidekick movie, but there's no reason a fairy tale can't be done with real heart and creativity.

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