Kate Middleton in a bikini

Yes, I'm shamelessly pandering for web traffic, but this is what people are looking for now that Catherine Middleton is officially engaged to Britain's Prince William. I don't actually have any photos of Kate in a bikini, but OK Magazine does. (2013 UPDATE: Sorry, the OK Magazine link has expired.)

Here's what the future Queen Catherine and King William look like fully clothed:

Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton appear at a photocall on the day of their engagement at St. James's Palace 

Photo © Clarence House, 2010. Photo source: The British Monarchy

5 Replies to “Kate Middleton in a bikini”

  1. Honestly, it's comical how little traffic this blog gets, so I was kind of joking with myself by posting this. It would be nice if it helped, but I don't expect much. I don't have stats for November 17 yet, but on November 16 this particular post got only 20 page views! I'll update when I have more info.

  2. Update: On November 17, this post received about 80 page views, which isn't bad really, but only 3 people found the blog after searching for photos of Kate in a bikini. By contrast, 9 people searched for info on Kate's eyebrows! I don't think I've posted anything about that…

  3. Kate's eyebrows? Wow I would never think to even search for something like that. I guess I'll have to go check out a pick of her eyebrows. Lol!
    By the way I love your blog. I love reading about all the new books you say are comming out. Now if only I could afford to buy most of them!

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