Kate Middleton's eyebrows

It's come to my attention that several people recently found this blog while searching for "Kate Middleton eyebrows." Now, I can't pretend to be an expert on Kate's eyebrows, but here's a good look at them (along with her perfect teeth and hair):

April 2011 UPDATE: The first photo I posted here is no longer available, so here's another showing Kate on the day she graduated from St Andrews University (in 2005). Photo © The Middleton Family, 2011. All rights reserved.

Catherine Middleton - family photographs

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  1. There are a lot of weird searches on Kate! Thanks for the link to the other blog. I usually prefer to read about older royalty but I can't seem to help but make an exception for Kate and Prince William!

  2. american people are so interested in "kate and william" we grew up with
    prince william and family. adored his mother, still hold her dear. delighted with
    prince charles and his wife who has changed the prince and put a smile on his face.
    i hope that people will give kate and prince william the respect they deserve and
    just enjoy hearing about them. may their marriage be blessed with happiness and

  3. I just googled her eyebrows and came across this site. The reason is this: why does she camouflage her natural eyebrows with make-up and draw on fake ones? She must do this every day! Isn't that crazy? This is what men do to their eyebrows to look like women- she is beautiful and doesn't need to do this!

  4. Welcome, Nicola! Hmm, does she draw them on? How can you tell? It never occurred to me they might not be natural. I know they're very dark, but I have black eyebrows, too, even though my hair isn't black. I did notice that one of Kate's eyebrows seems bigger than the other in the photo above. I put that down to uneven tweezing. Not something I'd ever have noticed if we hadn't already been talking about her eyebrows!

  5. Hi Cinderella. They are definitely drawn on. I can see her natural high arch above the drawn on ones clearly in the above picture. The reason most people can't see them is they are covered using a special make-up technique. Just type in "cover up eyebrows" into YouTube to see loads of examples of how this is done. After they are covered up they are still slightly visible because the hair is still there, so there is a slight shadow. If you see some older pictures of her, you can see her eyebrow is a raised shape, not straight like the drawn on ones. To me, it seems she begins her drawing at the start of her natural brow, then instead of following her raise up, she goes straight accross and finishes at the end with her natural brow line again- so it's only the middle raise that she seems to dislike for some reason. The reason they are uneven is just because they were drawn unevenly that day- most other pictures look good. After you watch the YouTube videos you will laugh at how obvious it is!

  6. Her eyebrows are not drawn on or fake. My eyebrows are just like hers and not drawn on. If you saw her in person you would know she is very natural. How could anyone criticise such a real, real beauty. God bless them both and hope their marriage is extremely happy.

  7. My eyebrows are also just like hers (that's why I googled them). The hairs on my arch are thin and sparse but really dark and thick along the bottom of my brow. I thinks it's interesting that she leaves them like that instead of getting the arches filled in somehow.

  8. OMG! So sad to see you all worry and talk about Kate's eyebrows!!!!! She wears so much make up anyway. She chased William, whom I think is a nice man, to become the future queen. Her mum pushed her-good luck to you English people. Lets see the future!

  9. I was looking because it appears as if Kate Middleton has had her left eyebrow pierced. You can see what looks to be a small "dot" above and one below in the exact spot it would typically would get be. I have found nothing that supports or this theory nor addresses this "scar" or whatever it is. Does anyone know?

  10. Oh, I've never heard that theory before, Bonnie, but if so, I'm sure it will come out sooner or later! It wouldn't be a first for royalty, really, since Zara Phillips (granddaughter of the Queen) once pierced her tongue.

  11. Her eyebrows were too thin then but it seems standard for a young college graduate who may be experimenting with self grooming and figuring out her look. With that said, like her thicker eyebrows now. As a new princess she will obviously have a team of advisors helping her with her look which should obviously bring out her best.

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