Royal Book Cover of the Month – November 2010

This month brings more royal book covers featuring the usual themes of a headless woman (The Three Crowns) or the back of a woman's head (Cleopatra, The Forever Queen).

Fortunately, not all of this month's new book covers are so boring to look at. My favorite cover for November is this:


In Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, the Prince of Wales shares his views on sustainability and climate change. Not the world's sexiest subject, but the book cover does a good job communicating what the book is about and making it seem appealing.

It just wouldn't have the same appeal if the cover's designers had chosen to show us a close-up of the back of Prince Charles's head…

What do you think about this book, and/or its cover? Would you like to read it?

One Reply to “Royal Book Cover of the Month – November 2010”

  1. I have now read this book and can give it a good review. I am impressed by the scope of Prince Charles's intelligence, knowledge, and commitment to improving the world. This is a deeply serious book, and I found it dry at first, but after a while it caught my interest. It helps that it's loaded with beautiful color photos. (And it sounds so much like one of the prince's speeches that I could imagine him reading it aloud!) It's not light reading, but I recommend it.

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