The Edge of Doom

I've received a letter from writer Elizabeth Horrocks, who says, "I've had a book — The Edge of Doom — published by Vanguard (Pegasus), which has at its heart the story of King Arthur.

"The press release doesn't mention King Arthur, as I thought I would like it to come as a surprise about halfway through the book, but I think, given the enduring interest in the subject, this was a mistake!

"It is a time-travelling fantasy, but deals with Arthur's last days. My Arthur is the Dark Ages one, incidentally, although the bones of the story are traditional. I suppose it is a similar approach to Mary Stewart in the Crystal Cave series.

"As well as the battle of Camlann, it has its own take on the Lancelot and Elaine story, and also includes the legend of Arthur sleeping under a hill.

"Although written for adults, it is suitable for anyone, from 14+ to 90+ (well, I know one 90-year-old who's enjoyed it)! It is the first book in a trilogy, the second of which is with the publishers, and the third underway!"

Elizabeth Horrocks answered questions about Arthurian legend and literature on the recent BBC Mastermind Champion of Champion series. She was a champion in 1974, and if you're in Britain you can see a clip of her on the show here.

Thank you to Elizabeth for the info about her book!

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