Sneak peek: January 2011 royalty books

Time for an advance look at some of the new royalty books scheduled for publication next month! If you're a fan of historical fiction and/or nonfiction books about the Tudors, it will be a good month for you. ..

Death and the Virgin Queen by Chris Skidmore. Was the death of Amy Robsart, wife of Elizabeth I's favorite Robert Dudley, really an accident? This book uses forensic evidence from the original investigation to end to centuries of speculation.

The Tudors for Dummies by David Loads and Mei Trowe. A basic guide to Tudor monarchs, the life and times of everyday people, and the intrigues and scandals of the royal court.

The Queen of Last Hopes by Susan Higginbotham. Fiction. Margaret of Anjou, wife of England's King Henry VI, cannot give up on her husband — even when he goes insane.

The Darling Strumpet by Gillian Bagwell. Novel about actress Nell Gwynn, mistress of Britain's King Charles II.

All the Queen's Players by Jane Feather. Fiction. A lady of Elizabeth's I bedchamber is sent in disgrace to the castle where Mary, Queen of Scots is held captive.

The Reluctant Queen by Freda Lightfoot. Gabrielle d'Esrées catches the heart of 16th century French king Henry IV, but her difficulties have just begun. (Fiction)

Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray. Novel about Princess Selene, daughter of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.

As always, publication dates are subject to change. The full list of new royalty books will be published on the Royal Books page on January 1.

If I could only read one of the above books, I would have to pick "The Queen of Last Hopes" because I still haven't read one of Susan Higginbotham's novels, although they're on my list. I'm also interested in reading "Death and the Virgin Queen."  Which book would you choose?

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