4 Replies to “She really likes royalty”

  1. Thank you. Now I feel completely normal when it comes to my royal collection. Though like her I tend to wonder what will happen to my books when I'm gone. Her collection is impressive but I doubt it will stay together or end up in a palace. I don't think there are many people who appreciate royal collectibles/books. I look at used bookstores, shelves filled with royal books and I wonder if they were part of someone's treasured collection.

    Maybe the reason why I have so many books is because I'm on a mission to rescue them from dusty corners! 😉

  2. I am into royal History I would love to travel to England, Sweden, and Ireland to visit
    and Castles for tourism with my Parents someday. I will go to London next year
    not this year. I just got my job back at the Freight Forwarding office which I work before. I haven't worked there for one year then I came back there to be a receptionist there again.

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