Royal Book Cover of the Month – February 2011

There are some good royal book covers this month. Even the headless/faceless woman book covers aren't so bad. A few of the women have just the tops of their heads cut off (see Exit the Actress for an example), and Madame Tussaud is missing only the top of her wig. Now that's progress.

I think the most interesting and memorable royalty book cover of the month is this one:

Camelot, Inc – Leadership and Management Insights From King Arthur and the Round Table by Paul Oestreicher offers lessons for business leaders on building support, uniting disparate factions, and launching new initiatives. I'm a little skeptical about the subject matter, but I think the cover is clever and gets its point across well.

Do you think business leaders can learn anything from the stories of King Arthur? What do you think about the book's cover?

3 Replies to “Royal Book Cover of the Month – February 2011”

  1. Just a quick note to let you know that I'm thrilled to see that Camelot, Inc. was selected as your cover of the month. Thank you! I'll look forward to reading your comments.
    Paul Oestreicher

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