Sneak peek: May 2011 royalty books

May brings another batch of new books about royal power couple Prince William and Kate Middleton. And that's not all! Here's a sneak peek:

William & Catherine: A Royal Wedding by Andrew Morton. Tell the full story of the future king and queen. Includes color photos.

William & Catherine: A Royal Courtship and Wedding in Photographs by David Elliot Cohen. Illustrated keepsake book with more than 200 photographs.

Queen Victoria's Stalker by Jan Bondeson. The strange case of a teenager, Edward Jones, who pursued the young Queen Victoria so relentlessly that he became a celebrity.

Dividing the Spoils: The War for Alexander the Great's Empire by Robin Waterfield. Alexander the Great's death triggered 40 bloody years of warfare and palace scheming.

Queen By Right by Anne Easter Smith. Novel about Cecily Neville, mother of English kings Edward IV and Richard III.

Queen of Kings: The Immortal Story of Cleopatra by Maria Dahvana Headley. Fantasy novel in which Cleopatra becomes a vampire.

The Royals: Prince William & Kate Middleton by C.W. Cooke and Michael Szyksznian. A graphic novel (comic book) about Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

As always, publication dates are subject to change. The full list of new royalty books will be published on the Royal Books page on May 1.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, it would probably be Andrew Morton's "William & Catherine." Long-time royal watchers will remember what a big splash Morton made with his book Diana: Her True Story, which Diana herself secretly helped him write. I doubt William and Kate helped with this new book, and it probably doesn't contain a lot of juicy revelations, but it should be worth reading just the same. Which book would you choose?

2 Replies to “Sneak peek: May 2011 royalty books”

  1. Well, definitely the Andrew Morton. I already have Katie Nicholls and Christopher Anderson's books on the royal couple, so why not Morton's? (I also own both versions of his book Diana's Story as well as Diana's Diary!). I also will be buying the graphic novel, since I already own the other graphic novel about the couple.

  2. You're a true collector! I don't have any William and Kate books yet, but I have my eye on the Katie Nicholls book. I'd like to read the Andersen book too. I also have Morton's original Diana book – such an eye-opener at the time.

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