Royal wedding stamps from Pitcairn Islands

I received an email from the Pitcairn Islands Philatelic Bureau saying that it has released "a beautiful set of postage stamps to commemorate the recent royal wedding. The stamps were issued on May 25, just 26 days after the actual wedding day, and include images of the engagement, procession and couple emerging from Westminster Abbey."

For more info, visit the Philatelic Bureau's official website. (Thank you to Russell Watson for sending this info and the image below!)

Located in the South Pacific, the Pitcairn Islands are an overseas territory of the UK with Queen Elizabeth II as chief of state.  There are four islands in the group, but only one, Pitcairn Island, is inhabited (by 48 people currently, according to the CIA World Factbook). The island is famous for having been settled in 1790 by mutineers from a British ship called the Bounty, whose descendants still live there today.


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