Rachel Zoe: Duchess is "flawless"

UPDATE: The video originally posted here is no longer working, but here's a summary of what stylist Rachel Zoe said about the Duchess of Cambridge's fashion choices.

4 Replies to “Rachel Zoe: Duchess is "flawless"”

  1. I am wondering why people continue to praise her when she is not really pretty and flawless. I'm sorry but she has the most horrible legs I've ever seen and her hair needs to be rebonded to look more gorgeous, it seems like she doesn't know how to comb. She looked very old for Prince William. Maybe people are just desperate to have another Diana, poor Kate, she will having a life not her own to live.

  2. Catherine is OK, she is simply dressed but I think that she should change her hair dresser. She is not trying to be another Diana and since her marriage to Prince William she has conducted herself with decorum. Catherine just entered the World's stage; her first act gets a sincere applaud.

  3. Joyce, I totally don't believe you when you say that you haven't seen more horrible legs. Take another look around you, maybe even down your own body……
    Her hair, I agree is gorgeous, I don't think it has to be more gorgeous.

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