3 Replies to “Duchess of Cambridge headed to princess school”

  1. What about katherine middleton workingclass heritage isn't getting into your heads? She will never be hrh,princess or remain duchess term she workingclass not born monarchy with born monarchy parents.That what it would take to be hrh duchess,not katherine middleton,what to teach a consort who is not to be near her husband on royal occasions…royal laws for consorts cannot have what is monarchy term or bear the royal pomp and ceremony for monarchy…due to some royal hiers who complain about workingclass being illegally term with monarchy names and pomps,1772 laws is current on william workingclass mate not to be honor as a monarchy ,and the laws carried out regardless of william wants for his workingclass mate ,she is not monarchy to be greated any symbols of monarchy…

  2. This is long over due for royalty to obey their own laws to which does not allow katherine middleton any right of her monarchy mate titles and pomp ceremony by royalbirth of her mate william….Also because william did marry her it won't allow him to remain ,like his father will not regardless of pure royal birth to the crown ,that they are no longer title bears and can't remain royal home bound for family comfort. They indulge in workingclass life union for the purpose to forget where they came from so they can indure the workingclass life while being blood monarchy who married workingclass, with no royal support or pomp ceremony for lifes issues and ever day life.Their workingclassmate will only produce workingclass children no matter the fact of monarchy birth mate.Never heirs to the crown william and katherine middletons children ,if they should have them…

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