Royal Book Cover of the Month – September 2011

I like almost all of this month's new royalty book covers, but I think this one is the best:


Queen Elizabeth II: Portraits by Cecil Beaton, written by Susanna Brown, discusses how photographer Beaton's portraits shaped the British monarchy's image. The cover image is, in my opinion, memorable because it shows a side of the Queen that's rarely seen by the public. It's a good advertisement for the book.

What do you think? Would you buy this book?

2 Replies to “Royal Book Cover of the Month – September 2011”

  1. Love it! I would definately buy this book because I love Cecil Beaton's photographs of the royal family. The cover photo is a nice choice. The Queen is rarely depicted being tactile, especially where her family is concerned. Seeing the photo of her holding Prince Andrew shows a different side of her and it's a nice change from the more formal, official regalia wearing image.

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