Royal Weddings Through Time

This week I'll be posting images from Royal Weddings Through Time by Janette McCutcheon, a book about British royal weddings from the 12th century to the present day. Today's photo shows Queen Victoria and her beloved Prince Albert in a re-enactment of their wedding.


Thank you to Amberley Publishing for providing this photo.

One Reply to “Royal Weddings Through Time”

  1. Timeless…. It is as nice to see Queen Victoria and the late Prince Consort as it is to see her great-granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. It is not often England sees a Queen and we may not see one in our lifetimes again. Next will be Charles III and then William V. Even if the Duke of Cambridge has a princess, he may soon have a prince thereafter. I do have a distinct feeling that the Duchess will only have one child, and two at the very most. We will see 🙂

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