Royal Book Cover of the Month – October 2011

I like this month's new royalty book covers because they're nice looking, fit the books' topics, and make sense (no random pictures of elbows or ears). One of my favorites is The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory — not only is it a beautiful cover, but the lady actually has a head, and a face we can see. Is the craze for headless-woman covers fading away?

My pick for best royalty book cover of the month is this whimsical cover for a book on a seemingly whimsical subject:

Napoleon's Chicken Marengo by Andrew Uffindell reveals how Napoleon, bickering generals, celebrity chefs, adventurers, artists, and eccentrics created a tangle of myths about a chicken dish. I'm sure it's an informative book, but it also sounds like fun, and the cover communicates that.

Would you like to read this book? I would.

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