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  1. Wallis Simpson and Kate MIddleton are destine never to be titled monarchy.Only a wealthy workingclass income provided by monarchy blood mate,who won't be reign .No castles ,no royal titles for children for the workingclass mate ,no royal heritary rights.Only hard wokingclass public people in the media…She should try the farmhouse thats not royally or royal estated to the crown…Since she is workingclass she will have to get involve from her workingclass position in life.They don't have royal servants like charles and camilla. They have a apartment and workingclass servants to attend to thier daily life as workingclass couple..Kate will have to do the same ….workingclass couple with a monarchy blood mate .Is not royally titled or powered to the crown….William and Kate are not monarchy titled or royal position for reignment to britian.The Queen of England made it clear she is not going to allow Kate a monarchy term of birth but consort position(Katherine M.Consutty or Cornutty) while waiting for judgment on william and her position to the royal life.Which is abication that was said last year amoung all the hipe news of the ceremony.If Kate and camilla have shoone anying broken points to the ceremony or daily life current they will be admonish for use of royal terms and position not granted by the top crown….Truthfully they are not to be given anying royal term just consort and nothing pertaining to royal position to life.The year has been travel by workingclass standards not monarchy airplane and position.She was wrongly acknowledge as a monarchy abroad and treated as workingclass celeberty in california…Canada treated her images as a monarchy in computer generated photos of their time there..Not so the reality of monarchy…..

  2. Interesting the real news of Kate Middleton verses over imagination of workingclass marrying monarchy……I believe that sophie rys-jones and edward,charles and camilla,frederik and mary donaldson,marie and her blood monarchy mate(j),and kate middleton and william are removed from crowns wealthy ,homes and dailylife position.Mary donalson illegal gave her children royal term ,when she is workingclass along with her children…Now if that what was going on behind closed doors would you want that in the media now or when they have clean up the mess to present to the world?It not right to mislead the subjects in a perception not gurded to this issue of the rights of crown..Workingclass has no rights and position to hope.This monarchy marry workingclass and the issues won't allow then william shold be remove with no cost to workingclass like modonna the singer is william worth to the media.He and Kate need to pay back misused actions,such as kate is forbiddened to ride in a coach as well as camilla on the way back from the civil ceremony.Charles paid his mother 40 million dollar for offending her with camilla being driven around the reception house circle….

  3. Sarah, you said, "William and Kate are not monarchy titled or royal position for reignment to britian." William is a prince, they are both called HRH, and William is second in line to the British throne. You can't get much more royal than that.

  4. Sarah you said kate is not really titled.Prince of monaco is not really title .They call it princely titled meaning not monarchy ,half monarchy is consided not monarchy to be titled.Wallace Simpson is not monarchy,zara phillips is not monarchy.Kate has the weakest point of the position she wishes to have.Kate Middleton will never be queen or princess.The royal courts and issues discussed behind closed doors is the removal of the workingclass couples.Because full blooded monarchy are without titled term,who have not sin like william.So this is a very good arguement because Kate married william for love.Then base on heritage and bloodline she is nothing to hold a title or be position to the crown .

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