Rivaling Royals of Europe

Stephen Schwartz of Curiosity Gaming e-mailed to let me know about their new card game, Rivaling Royals of Europe, which recreates the power struggles among rivaling royal families, landed nobility, and the Churches of Medieval Western Europe.  Looks like fun!

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  1. Hello All,

    Rivaling Royals was inspired by the numerous dynastic battles, inter-marriages between Royalty, religious wars, heroism, romance, and treachery that occurred during the Middle Ages in Europe. It lends itself well to imaginary or historical scenario play where players take on the roles of notorious European rulers; Royal factions; and religious leaders.

    If you're a Medieval Royalty Buff, we think you'll really enjoy this game.

    Happy Holidays!

    Stephen Schwartz
    Curiosity Gaming

  2. English Reformation Scenario Game Released

    We just released the English Reformation Scenario Game of Rivaling Royals which faithfully recreates the power struggles between the Royal House of Tutor and various religious leaders involved in England's Reformation from 1509 until 1603. As a scenario game, it overlays and injects specific people, places, and events into game play – encouraging players to take on the roles of historical figures and facts. Reenact the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I in grand style.

    Take a look at http://www.rivalingroyals.com downloading the free scenario game rules and details.

    Happy Gaming!

  3. Third Edition Released!

    Rule as Royal Regent within the powerful countries of Medieval Europe, govern her ancient cities, control her trade guilds, command her armies, and sway her religious faithful in Rivaling Royals ™, a game for two to five players. Evade ruthless adversaries while manipulating the powers of Royal Privilege, the Sways of Religion, the Stimulus of Trade, and the Deadly Forces of the Military. Work to create an alliance of cities, trade guilds, and militant nobility, or — try to undermine the power of your rivals plundering their territories, vanquishing their troops, and usurping the prerogative powers of state for yourself. Inspire, deceive, trade, and fight your way to fortune and fame as you attempt to reign over the medieval countries of Europe!

  4. Rivaling Royals of Europe (Version 3.18 Released)

    In the latest release of Rivaling Royals of Europe, players must strike a balance between building a power base of cities within a chosen nation, establishing trade to ensure your Alliance's continued support by the populous, recruiting Royalty to join your cause – gaining stately powers, and using your power as Regent to wage ruthless war against your adversaries. Fall short in your political, populist, or military tactics, and you'll soon find your Alliance is in serious trouble!

    Players can choose from several opening, mid, and end game strategies – challenging even the most ardent hard core gamer, yet Rivaling Royals is really very easy to learn – entertaining the casual gamer with its depth of tactics , intrigue and strategy.

    Be creative and design historical scenario games to recreate the lives of "Mary Queen of Scots" or "Henry the VIII". The possibilities are truly limitless!

    Thoughtful artwork on each card and game box quickly puts everyone in a "Medieval Royal Mood" while play dynamics and depth of tactics and strategy keep players the edge of their seat providing years of fun with excellent replay value.

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