Royal Book Cover of the Month – January 2012

This month brings a lot of new royal books, and most of them have nice covers. My two runner-up favorites this month are Lost Kingdom (an attractive and colorful cover that fits its topic well) and At the Mercy of the Queen (a suspenseful cover featuring an accurate-looking Tudor gown).

Here's my pick for best royalty book cover of the month:


Princess Kandake by Stephanie Jefferson is a young adult (teen) novel about a warrior princess in ancient Nubia. I like this cover for many reasons. You can tell at a glance what it's about, it looks exciting, and the heroine seems, well, heroic. It's impressive to see such a nice cover on a self-published book. And it's unusual to see royalty-themed historical fiction that isn't about Tudors or royal mistresses. I may buy this book if it becomes available on Kindle. Does it appeal to you?

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