Actor calls prince's deployment "unthinkable"

The government of Argentina isn't too happy about Prince William's current tour of duty in the Falkland Islands, and neither is actor Sean Penn. Here's what he had to say:

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What do you think: Should celebrities share their thoughts about things like this, or should they keep their opinions to themselves?

9 Replies to “Actor calls prince's deployment "unthinkable"”

    1. Exactly – Mr Penn should get the USA to give back Hawaii. Its exactly the same as when Spain talks about wanting Gibralter back. If they want Gibralter back they should give Ceuta and Melilla back to Morroco! There are alot of double standards out there….

  1. Who the hell is Sean Penn??????????????????????????????????? And why should an American have an opinion on what the Brits do??????????????????????????

  2. Actors think they are experts on everything but they aint. Keep to what you know and stop using your celebrity to freak out others. Shame on Penn.

  3. I do not think Sean had read indepth about the history of the dispute between the two countries and inaddition Prince William has been sent as an ordinary military person he is being treated like other people's son, the media has overplayed his deployment.

  4. Celebrity does not mean informed intelligence. Fame does not necessarily bring with it a commensurate level of sense or insight.

    Mr. Penn decides what is unthinkable for another country, whilst, presumably, supporting his own nation's annexation of independent countries, invasions of other countries, and so forth.

    I believe that is called "hypocracy".

  5. Sean Penn is entitled to his opinion but on the whole he should stick to acting.
    I do take issue with Mavis Fraser's assessment of Prince William's deployment ; "Prince William has been sent as an ordinary military person he is being treated like other people's son, the media has overplayed his deployment."
    An Admiral who commanded part of the British task Force that took back the Falklands after Argentina invaded has this to say about royals ;

    "To have a Royal anywhere near the front line is a bloody nuisance for the rest of the front line.
    You have to take extra precautions that he doesn't get shot down, that his plane doesn't fail. You maintain it three times as carefully. If you have a Royal on board your ship it is the end of your career if he gets so much as a scratch. It's never said, but it goes without saying."—nuisance-Navy-chief-gives-government-salty-dressing-Falklands-sabre-rattling.html#ixzz1mpUkrA34

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