Royal Book Cover of the Month – February 2012

In the past I've presented my own picks for Royal Book Cover of the Month, but this month I want you to tell me which cover is the best.

I've often wanted to try this, but I've hesitated because people are sometimes reluctant to fill out the comment forms on blog posts. I hope you'll prove me wrong by casting your vote!

So here are my five favorite royalty-themed book covers of the month. These are all books scheduled for publication in the US in February, although publication dates sometimes change. You can click each cover to see a larger image (except That Woman, who would not cooperate). Which of these do you think deserves to be called the Royal Book Cover of the Month? One vote per person, please.

(Sorry, when I moved this post to the new blog domain, the cover images got lost along the way.)

Visit the Books page to learn more about these books and others published in February. I'll update this post at the end of the month to announce the winner! (And if no one votes, I'll just have to pick a winner myself…)

UPDATE! The winning book cover is… well, that's easy to guess from reading the comments below, but see the official announcement here!

13 Replies to “Royal Book Cover of the Month – February 2012”

  1. My favorite cover is #5. For me the cover just sticks out and what helps it is the title "that woman" is in bold as well. When I look at the others i just see pictures and thats it but #5 made me want to know who "that woman" is. For me the title and picture has to stand out as well and attract me besides what the story is about.

  2. Two votes already! I'm delighted – thank you both! Voting will remain open through February 29, so I hope to see more votes!

  3. I'd go for #2 Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If only you had a book cover of either Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia or Her Imperial and Royal Highness Crown Princess Sophie of Prussia (Formerly Her Serene Highness Princess Sophie of Isenburg) but since you had none Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth it is then. Then again a book cover with Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein, the Duchess of Brabant, Princess of Asturias or even Archduchess Francesca of Austria would have been nice.

    1. This is limited to printed books scheduled for publication in the US in February, and of those I am picking just the handful of covers I think are the best based on visual elements, not the content of the books.

      Thank you for your vote! Right now the Queen Elizabeth cover is in the lead.

  4. Thank you to everyone for voting! You can still leave comments on this post if you wish, but the vote is closed. See above for a link to the official announcement of the winner.

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