Royal Week in Review – February 25, 2012

Crown Princess VictoriaIt was a week of royal highs and lows, with the birth of a princess in Sweden and tragic news for the royal family of the Netherlands.

Birth of a Future Queen
Estelle is Sweden's first royal baby in 30 years (sorry, this link has expired)

Sad News for Dutch Royals
Prince Friso may never regain consciousness: doctors (link expired)

British Royals on Diamond Jubilee Tour
The Earl and Countess of Wessex visit the West Indies

Long-Awaited Revelation of the Week
Kate reveals royal secret – new puppy is called 'Lupo' (link expired)

Colorful Excuse of the Week
'I was defending the honour of the supermodels,' says club owner accused of beating up princess's son

For a lot more royal news, visit the News page. It's updated almost every day.

Photo © Johannes Jansson. License. Photo source: Baltic Development Forum

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