Shocking secrets of British royal history!

Glamis Castle What's the true story of the playboy prince featured as a character on "Upstairs Downstairs"? Did Queen Victoria have a secret love child? And who was the Monster of Glamis? Here's a roundup of recent articles about scandals and mysteries of British royal history.

From, a gossipy look at the life of royal rogue Prince George, Duke of Kent, uncle of Queen Elizabeth II.

From the Mail Online, supposed new evidence that Queen Victoria secretly married her servant John Brown and gave birth to his daughter.

Finally, from the Smithsonian blog Past Imperfect, an intriguing article about the secret of Glamis Castle (ancestral home of the Queen Mother), a secret so secret that no one today knows what it was all about — or if there was any real secret at all.

For more information, try these books:
The Kents: A Royal Family by Audrey Whiting
John Brown by Raymond Lamont Brown
Books About Glamis Castle

Image of Glamis Castle © Nick Bramhall. Some Rights Reserved. License.

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