Teaching an old blog new tricks

UPDATED POST: Welcome to the new World of Royalty Blog! In some ways it's the same as the old blog, and in some ways it's better, I hope.

One thing you may notice is that the blog has a new domain. I've always wanted to own royalty.nu because my main site is called the World of Royalty, but the domain was not available till now (or if it was, I didn't notice).

The main Royalty.nu website will stay the same. The only thing that's changing is this blog. It has always been intended to complement the main Royalty.nu site, and that is still the case, but I also want you to be able to enjoy this as a separate site. Which means more images, more content — more everything.

I'd love to get your feedback on this new design. Do you like the way the blog looks? Please tell me what you think.

2014 UPDATE: Well, since I decided to merge my two blog sites into one, I'm not using the royalty.nu domain at the moment, though I still own it. I hope to think up a really good use for it someday.

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